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Here are examples of different traits you can choose for you character. Som of them are clearly positiove or negativ but a lot of them can be either or, or both. Your choice to add them as an advantage or an disadvantage will determin if they are mostly possitve or neagtive for you.

Adaptable: You are able to adjust to new situations and circumstances easily.

Adventurous: You have a strong desire for new and exciting experiences.

Agile: You are quick and nimble in your movements.

Ambitious: You are driven and have a strong determination to achieve your goals.

Arrogant: You display an exaggerated sense of self-importance or superiority.

Brave: You face danger and challenges with courage and fearlessness.

Charismatic: You possess a compelling charm and magnetism that attracts others.

Charming: You possess a delightful and persuasive personality.

Clever: You are quick-witted and possess sharp intelligence.

Compassionate: You have a deep awareness of and sympathy for others' suffering.

Courageous: You face challenges and difficulties with bravery and determination.

Cowardly: You tend to avoid facing difficult or dangerous situations.

Cynical: You often have a skeptical and distrustful outlook.

Determined: You are resolute and committed to achieving your objectives.

Disciplined: You maintain self-control and follow a structured and focused approach.

Dishonest: You have a tendency to be deceitful or untruthful.

Empathetic: You understand and share the feelings of others.

Energetic: You have a high level of energy and enthusiasm.

Envious: You harbor resentment or discontent towards others' successes.

Generous: You willingly give and share with others.

Graceful: You move with elegance and poise, exhibiting a graceful demeanor.

Gullible: You are easily deceived or tricked due to lack of skepticism.

Handsome: You have an attractive and pleasing physical appearance.

Hardy: Hardy in build, you showcase enduring stamina, rugged physical strength, and a robust constitution.

Honest: You value and uphold truthfulness and sincerity.

Hot-tempered: You have a tendency to become angry or irritable easily.

Impatient: You struggle with waiting and want quick results.

Impulsive: You act on sudden desires without careful thought.

Indecisive: You find it challenging to make firm decisions.

Inquisitive: You have a curious and eager mind, always seeking to learn.

Introverted: You are reserved and prefer solitary activities.

Lazy: You have a tendency to avoid work or activity due to a lack of motivation.

Lazy: You have a tendency to avoid work or activity due to a lack of motivation.

Loyal: You are dedicated and faithful to your commitments and relationships.

Manipulative: You use others for personal gain through cunning or deceit.

Observant: You pay careful attention to details and are perceptive.

Patient: You can endure delays and challenges without becoming annoyed.

Perceptive: You have a keen insight and are able to understand situations quickly.

Pessimistic: You tend to see the negative side of situations.

Quick: You have swift reflexes and can respond rapidly.

Quick-witted: You possess the ability to think and respond rapidly.

Reckless: You act without concern for the consequences.

Resilient: You bounce back quickly from setbacks and adversity.

Resilient: You are strong and resilient, able to endure and bounce back from challenges with remarkable stamina.

Resourceful: You are able to find creative solutions to problems.

Robust: Possessing a robust constitution, you exhibit exceptional stamina, physical strength, and overall resilience.

Sarcastic: You often use sharp, mocking language to express contempt.

Selfish: You prioritize your own needs and desires over others.

Stalwart: A stalwart individual with enduring stamina, formidable strength, and unwavering physical resilience.

Steadfast: Steadfast in nature, you have enduring stamina, solid physical strength, and unwavering physical resilience.

Strong: You have great physical strength and power.

Stubborn: You are resistant to change or compromise.

Tenacious: Demonstrating tenacity, you have a resilient constitution, exceptional endurance, and unyielding physical fortitude.

Unpredictable: Your actions and decisions are often difficult to anticipate.

Vigorous: Vigorous and robust, you possess enduring stamina, remarkable physical strength, and a tireless constitution.