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Getting better

Despite Velox being designed for one-shots and shorter campaigns, your character can still evolve, improve, and acquire new skills over time.

At the end of each session, characters are rewarded with a minimum of one Experience Point, which can be used in the next session to enhance your character's abilities or to be invested in acquiring new skills, gaining advantages, or expanding knowledge.

Characters earn one Experience Point for every completed session, every passing week, and every concluded adventure. Additionally, the narrator has the discretion to award an extra point to characters who exhibit exceptional creativity, cleverness, or heroism during the session.

Skills Advancement

Characters can learn a new skill by investing two Experience Points. Furthermore, they can elevate a skill from Skilled to Expert by spending five Experience Points. If the skill falls under the category of Common skills, characters can advance directly from unskilled to Expert. However, reaching the Legendary level requires considerable effort and achieving feats impressive enough for the character to be recognized as Legendary. Apart from the exceptional accomplishment, this advancement also comes at a cost of ten Experience Points.