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Your Character

Velox have a very quick and inituative way of creating a character that can easylie be explained to someone who have never played roleplaying games before. It is done in three simple steps.

Step 1: Choose a concept

Select one of the five concepts: Crème de la crème, Jack of all trades, Living Legend, Renaissance man and The flawless. The other steps will be a bit different depending on the conscept you choose. Make your selection at the end of this step to conform the folowing steps to your selected concept.

Crème de la crème

You were born into or climbed your way to the top of society. This will open a lot of doors closed to others, and you are probably rather wealthy.

Benefit: You have a noble title, a military title of a rank higher than captain, or a very prestigious civilian title. This will serve as a very powerful social advantage and increas your wealth level one step.

Suggested roles: Dilettante, High-ranking civil servant, Investor, Officer or Politician

Jack of all trades

Your broad range of skills make you an exceptional and adaptable individual, ready to tackle any challenge with confidence and expertise.

Benefit: You have two more skills than other characters.

Suggested roles: Detectives, Inventor, Engineer, Explorer, or any other profession that has to rely on multiple skills to perform their work.

Living legend

You are at the top of your field and have not only the expertise but also the fame that comes with it.

Benefit: Your best skill start at the level Legendary in stead of Expert. This could also have made you rather famous.

Suggested roles: Anyone who has focused their energy on honing one particular skill to perfection.

Renaissance man

Your diverse knowledge makes you a beacon of intellectual prowess, navigating through various domains with ease.

Benefit: You start the game with proficiency in three additional languages or knowledge areas.

Suggested roles: Investigators, Journalists, Researchers, Scholars, and Teachers.

The flawless

While most people have a weakness you really don’t have any obvious flaws.

Benefit: You start without any disadvantage which also mean that all your characteristics will have a value of three or higher.

Suggested roles: Adventurer, Odd-jobber, Soldier or any other role that can handle whatever is thrown at them.

Step 2: Write the description

Crème de la crème description template

The __________________________________ is ___________ and ___________ but ___________. ___ is an expert ___________ and a skilled ___________ and ___________ who (knows almost everything about / is fluent in ) ___________, ___________ and ___________.

In the first blank of the first sentence, write down your nationality, profession, title and name. You have a noble title, a military title of a rank higher than captain, or a very prestigious civilian title.

The next two blanks should be filled with positive traits like Brave, Charming, Handsome, Observant or Strong. You should also fill in a negative trait like Clumsy, Cowardly, Rude or Weak after the "but."

The second sentence should start with your gender and contain three skills and three languages or things you know a lot about. Your first skill is your strongest, and you are considered an expert in that skill. Skills can be things like Archeologist, Chess player, Electrical engineer, Marksman, Physician, Sailor or Writer. Things you know can be Ancient Egypt, British politics or Wine. Just make sure that the skills and fields you select fit the time and world you will be playing in. If in doubt, consult the Narrator. You don’t have to add your native language here.

When you are done, write the entire description in the allocated place on the character sheet.

Example: The British barrister lord Robert Collier is brave and handsome but lazy. He is an expert lawyer and a skilled dancer and marksman who is fluent in German and knows almost everything about wine and British history.

Step 3: Fill the rest of the sheet

Now, it is time to transfer the information in your description to the other parts off the character sheet by taking the actions in this list:

  • Write your name and nationality in their designated fields above the description.
  • Enter the native language corresponding to your nationality in the language box.
  • Add your profession and title as advantages in the designated box.
  • List your positive traits as advantages.
  • Specify your negative trait as a disadvantage.
  • Fill in the skills you selected under Expert and Skilled.
  • Record the languages and knowledge in their designated boxes.


You have the following five characteristics:

Physique: Encompassing both raw strength, endurance, and motor skills, it is used, among other things, when making rolls for fighting, lifting heavy objects, and performing acrobatic maneuvers.

Dexterity: A measure of nimble fingers, steady hands, precision, and fine motor control, it includes tasks such as pickpocketing, lockpicking, and the use of firearms.

Presence: A representation of charisma, force of personality, and awareness. It is used to navigating social situations, and to react to changes or small details in the surroundings.

Intelligence: A measure of intellectual capacity, problem-solving skills, and knowledge. Characters with high Intelligence excel in analyzing situations, deciphering puzzles, and adapting to intellectually demanding scenarios.

Willpower: Reflecting mental fortitude, resistance to external influences, and the ability to endure challenging situations. Characters with high Willpower exhibit resilience, mental strength, and the capacity to remain focused even in adverse conditions.

These characteristics all start with a value of three, but you should increase the characteristics that best fit your positive traits and your proffession by one and decrease the characteristic that best fits your negative trait by one.

If two advantages best fit the same characteristic, increase it by two steps. But you can never have more than five in any one of the characteristics.

If your negative and one of your positive traits best fit the same characteristic, it is not changed.

Example: Robert is a barrister who is brave and handsome. The player decides that a barrister will need Intelligence, and that 'brave' and 'handsome' best fit under Willpower and Presence. So, he increases these three characteristics one step each. Robert is also lazy, which best fits under Willpower, so Willpower is decreased back to its starting level. So, Robert's final characteristics will be Physique 3, Dexterity 3, Presence 4, Intelligence 4, and Willpower 3.


You start the game with two experience points, so note that on your character sheet.

Wealth level

You don't have to keep track on exactly how much money you have, what kind of investments you made but since economical status is just as importent, if not even more so, as your title or physical strength. Therefor it is good to have som idea of how welthy you are. In Velox, the eight wealth levels are used for this purpose.

1 Indigent: Living in extreme poverty, struggling to meet basic needs and often relying on charity or minimal assistance for survival.

2 Destitute: Severe financial hardship, lacking the means to maintain a stable living situation, and facing constant challenges in securing necessities.

3 Modest Means: Possessing enough resources to meet basic needs but with little surplus for luxuries, often engaged in frugal living to maintain financial stability.

4 Comfortable: Enjoying a moderate level of financial security, able to afford a comfortable lifestyle, and possessing the means to cover basic needs with some room for leisure.

5 Affluent: Living in relative prosperity, with the ability to afford a higher standard of living, education, and healthcare, and having some disposable income for non-essential expenses.

6 Wealthy: Having substantial financial resources, able to afford a luxurious lifestyle, invest in business ventures, and contribute significantly to philanthropy or community development.

7 Very Wealthy: Possessing significant wealth, with the ability to afford extravagant luxuries and investments that go beyond the reach of the average affluent individual.

8 Opulent: At the pinnacle of wealth, possessing vast resources, extensive properties, and the ability to indulge in extravagant pursuits and luxuries beyond the reach of most individuals.

You calculate your maximum wealth level by taking your Perception or Intelligence, whichever is highest, and adding one for each of these criteria that is true:

  • You have a noble title or a high-ranking military or civil title.
  • You have an advantage that implicitly states that you have a lot of money, like 'rich' or 'wealthy'.
  • You have a profession or a skill at the expert or legendary level that implies that you are very wealthy, like an investor or banker.

This is the highest wealth level you can choose. You can always pick a lower wealth level if you think it suits your character better.

Finish the character

Now you can finalize your character by adding your age, height, weight in their respective fields, some physical description, and something about your background to the description. You should also decide what kind of equipment and other resources you have. Choose any kind of equipment that is reasonable to assume you could have gotten your hands on. If you are not sure what is reasonable, discuss it with the Narrator.